"I can't recommend Colleen highly enough: not only is she an amazing,  insightful and decisive editor with a discerning eye, selecting just the right clips that showcase an actor at their best, but what makes her really special - and sets her work apart - is her gift for compelling storytelling. She is the consummate raconteur; when she creates a reel for you she weaves together the best pieces of your work to create a story - a mini film that captures your essence and range in one seamless mosaic about you." - Dawn


"Colleen does fantastic work. Exactly what we discussed and done with a quick turnaround time. You can get quality, speed, AND great price!" - Lionel

"Colleen Davie Janes has an eye for flow, talent and complementary work.  While putting together my reel, she advised with a professional eye what clips belonged together, what should be cut and what would make me look my best.  Whatever footage didn't serve me, she made sure to have an open-minded discussion offering her opinion where she listened and did whatever made me happy, but, most of all, made my reel the strongest.  I was always grateful for her suggestions and putting my work out there in the best way possible.  We worked very well together and I'd recommend her services to anyone who wants to take their career seriously." - Annette

"I emailed Colleen and asked, "hey can you fix my website, maybe update the photo gallery"? I sent her numerous pics and she did an incredible job. She organized it and made it more user friendly to industry standards. Now when you visit my gallery, it doesn't look like a two yr old put it together. She's affordable, reliable, extremely patient and most of all a pleasure to work with." - Rob

"For the past two years I’ve gone to Ace your videos for my self tapes. Colleen always makes me feel comfortable from the moment she greets me to the moment the camera begins rolling. This past spring I booked a lead on ID’s Grave Mysteries thanks to my self tape shot by Colleen." - Devin

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