Actress: Jane Lynch (comedy) meets Claire Danes (drama)

Writer/Director: Intimate comic dramas

Colleen is the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts artist grant, and is a multi-award-winning writer|director and actress. She is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors, and was honored by SHOOT Magazine at the DGA as a "New Director to Watch".


Her style leans towards intimate serio-comic dramas focused on relationships and family, often with complicated women at their centers. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, she really dislikes country music, though Bluegrass is OK, and she really digs Hip Hop and R&B. She has distribution through First Focus International both domestically and internationally. 

Colleen graduated from Boston University film school, followed by a Sanford Meisner acting conservatory in NYC, and began working in film and television on the production side. She remembers her first job as a craft service PA with nightmares in the swamps of Louisiana, but things did get better after that. She has worked with such directors as Oliver Stone, Sydney Pollack and Brian DePalma, as well as M. Knight Shyamalan and Hype Williams on the commercial/MV side, all the while developing her own content.

She has also produced for the top branded content agency DGNL in NYC. Her checkered past includes time as a below-the-line agent, a stand up comedian, a production coordinator and producer.


In 2019 Colleen was attached to direct the pilot episode of Housewife, a mafia-style TV series. She also recently directed the film Ride The Wave, a current festival winner, and the TV Pilot How Am I Doing, a dark comedy also winning at festivals and pitching to networks and streaming platforms. She has one feature in pre-production in Ireland with Deadpan Pictures, and another feature in development, as well as a dramatic limited series which her company November Entertainment is developing for television.

People really like her a lot.